As of 13 December 2023, 16.00 hrs, Triodos Groenfonds is temporarily closed for new inflow.

Triodos Groenfonds invests in accordance with the Green Projects Scheme in projects designated by the Dutch government as green projects that make a positive contribution to the environment. The fund has the status of a 'green investment institution' (as referred to in the Green Projects Regulation). This makes Dutch retail investors in the fund potentially eligible for a tax benefit. The law requires green investment institutions to use at least 70% of the fund's assets to finance green projects.

The fund has a strong pipeline of green projects. However, the time required for disbursing the investments for these green projects is currently not in sync with the pace of the inflow. This means that the risk for Triodos Groenfonds to go below the 70% threshold of green investments is becoming too high. If this would happen, Triodos Groenfonds’ status as green fund according to the 'Regeling Groenprojecten' could be jeopardized and ultimately impact investors' potential fiscal benefit. Therefore, the fund has been temporarily closed for new inflow.

Investors that would like to sell their shares in the fund can still do so. At this point in time, it is not yet clear when the fund will reopen for new inflow.

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