Triodos Investment Management and Lendahand are joining forces with a new partnership. The partnership aims to ensure that more capital from private investors reaches impactful companies in emerging countries. The partnership focuses on initiatives in the energy and agriculture sectors that contribute to the transition to sustainable and inclusive societies. 

The collaboration is based on leveraging both organisations’ experience and track records. Triodos Investment Management will be supporting Lendahand in the origination and monitoring of loans. Lendahand will, in turn, be responsible for fundraising from the crowd, crowd communication, and payments. 

Hadewych Kuiper, Managing Director Investments at Triodos Investment Management: “In light of today’s global challenges, retail investors play an instrumental role in allocating more capital towards positive change. As such, we are happy to partner up with Lendahand. They offer a unique way of engaging with retail investors by connecting them directly to investees through their crowdfunding platform. We very much look forward to joining forces and to contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive society together with Lendahand.”

Koen The, CEO at Lendahand: Uniting our forces marks a significant milestone for crowdfunding and impact investing. Triodos Investment Management’s involvement in originating and monitoring loans opens the door for crowdfunders to impactful businesses previously beyond their reach. This partnership strengthens our mutual commitment to sustainable growth and the power of collaboration.

The loans originated by Triodos Investment Management will be in line with its current investment activities in emerging markets. For the partnership with Lendahand, the focus will mostly be on direct loans to high-impact investees, with a focus on renewable energy and sustainable agriculture.

Lendahand will soon launch the first crowdfunding campaign for a loan originated by Triodos Investment Management. The aim is to jointly raise investments for 10 to 15 projects per year.