ADIF Alta Velocidad

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Asset ClassesImpact bonds
Impact strategyImpact Equities and Bonds
ISIN codeES0200002030
Industry groupHighways & Railtracks
Aligned with SDGs

ADIF Alta Velocidad is a Spanish state-owned company that is responsible for the construction and management of Spain's high-speed rail network and related activities such as management of the high-speed stations and the supply of energy. The company operates about 2,514 kilometres of high speed lines and 42 railway stations. ADIF is the conventional railway counterpart. ADIF Alta Velocidad derives revenues from railway operators that run their trains on the company’s tracks. The company was formed in 2013 when ADIF was split into two entities.

Investment rationale

Rail transportation is a sustainable mobility solution, causing significantly less CO2 emission per passenger kilometer compared to cars, buses or airplanes. ADIF Alta Velocidad manages and constructs high-speed railway infrastructure, which enables transport with a much lower carbon footprint than other modes of transport, including the construction of the required infrastructure. This makes them a suitable and much more sustainable alternative mobility within Spain. Proceeds of the green bonds are used to finance construction and extension of several high-speed lines in Spain, for example of the high-speed line between Madrid and Levante. Due to the transition of passengers using this high-speed line instead of other modes of transport, 129,944 tons of CO2 are avoided annually.