Advanced Drainage Systems

Hilliard, United
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Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS) is the 2nd largest plastics recycler and leading manufacturer of thermoplastic corrugated pipes in the US. The company’s products are designed to manage the entire lifecycle of a raindrop, from capturing and conveying stormwater runoff to storing and treating the water. Its core products are high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) pipes, which are lighter, more durable, more cost effective and easier to install than alternatives made with traditional materials like concrete and steel. Through its products, ADS ensures the conservation of water and the provision of safe and affordable water management solutions. In addition, ADS provides products adjacent to pipes like leachfield chambers, storm chambers, septic tanks and water quality filters. ADS was founded in 1966 and went public in 2014. It is headquartered in Hilliard, Ohio, and has almost 5,000 employees.

Investment rationale

About 60% of ADS’ pipes are from recycled material, which makes ADS the second largest recycling company in the US, as they own and operate their own plastics recycling facilities. ADS recycles 550 million pounds of household and industrial plastics annually, saving it from ending up as plastics in landfill. Through this recycling program, in 2020 ADS saved 250 million gallons of water and prevented 730 million pounds of CO2 equivalent from being released into the atmosphere. This is equivalent to taking 70,000 cars off the road.

The company also plays an important role in water management. Its drainage systems are, for example, used on building development sites and underneath sports fields. They help to manage storm and wastewater efficiently and safely. Storm water is a major source of pollution for many types of water bodies. ADS' products are designed to manage the entire lifecycle of a raindrop. From capture and conveyance - collecting and directing water runoff on project sites to an underground conveyance system and from thereon safely moving it away from developed sites to be reintroduced back into the water cycle – to storage and treatment, by mitigating erosion and flooding through its detention systems and improving the quality by removing trash, debris and pollutants from the water runoff, thus ensuring that only clean water is discharged back into the communities.