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Allegion is a producer of security products and solutions. The company offers a portfolio of mechanical and electronic security products across a range of brands. Its product portfolio consists of five categories:
- Lock, locksets, portable locks, key systems and services
- Door closers, controls and exit devices
- Electronic products, access control systems, and time, attendance and workforce productivity systems
- Doors and door systems
- Other accessories

Allegion brands include AXA, Kryptonite and Schlage. The company was spun off from Ingersoll-Rand in 2013 and is listed on the NYSE.

Investment rationale

In the built environment, significant attention is paid to the environmental impact of the building, but what is often overlooked is the importance of safety and security. Building security is essential to safeguard assets and to protect occupants from harm. Security is a precondition for personal well-being and peace of mind. Allegion's solutions are used globally in homes, businesses and schools to keep people and places safe.