Climate Investor One

Den Haag,
Invested through
  • Triodos Energy Transition Europe Fund
  • Triodos Emerging Markets Renewable Energy Fund
  • Triodos Groenfonds
  • Triodos Multi Impact Fund
  • Triodos Impact Strategy Fund - Defensive
  • Triodos Impact Strategy Fund - Balanced
  • Triodos Impact Strategy Fund - Offensive
  • Triodos Impact Strategy Fund - Dynamic
Asset ClassesPrivate equity
Impact strategyEnergy and Climate
Aligned with SDGs
  • Gender Equality

Climate Investor One is a blended finance facility which invests in solar, wind and run-of-the-river hydropower projects in emerging countries. It has a unique investment proposition, financing renewable energy projects through the full cycle. It finances early stage development through the Development Fund, construction through the Construction Equity Fund, and the operational phase through the Refinancing Fund. Climate Investor One is strongly committed to providing positive social and economic impact for the communities where its projects are built. This is shown by the allocation of funds specifically for community development opportunities which are identified through a community needs assessment (4% during development for example). During the operation period, 1% of annual operating revenues is allocated to community development. It has a particularly strong commitment to gender equality, recognizing that men and women experience the effects of climate change and (lack of) access to energy differently and disproportionally.