Ebro Foods

Madrid, Spainwww.ebrofoods.es/en/
Invested through
  • Triodos Future Generations Fund
  • Triodos Impact Strategy Fund - Defensive
  • Triodos Impact Strategy Fund - Balanced
  • Triodos Impact Strategy Fund - Offensive
  • Triodos Impact Strategy Fund - Dynamic
Asset ClassesListed equity
Impact strategyImpact Equities and Bonds
ISIN codeES0112501012
Industry groupFood, beverage & tobacco
Aligned with SDGs
  • Zero Hunger
  • Good health and well-being

Ebro Foods is a Spanish multinational food group operating in the rice and pasta segments. The company produces and distributes various rice and its by-products and premium pasta. Management has transformed Ebro from a pure domestic commodity processor into a multinational branded food company, with leading market positions in niche categories (branded rice and pasta). It mainly operates in the western world through more than 50 leading brands in rice and pasta. Brands include Tilda, Garofalo, SOS, Bertagni and Lassie. The company's products are mainly used for home consumption.

Investment rationale

Ebro’s positive impact stems from its contribution to the production and distribution of healthy and affordable food and the promotion of sustainable agriculture.
Rice is the staple food of more than half of the world's population. Rich in nutrients and vitamins, minerals, and fibre, it is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates. For growing children, especially, complex carbohydrates form an essential part of a healthy balanced diet, because it keeps them active longer and helps them grow and develop.

With Ebro Foods being a leading provider of primary rice, it is a key enabler of a healthy diet. In addition, the Ebro Group takes an active approach to the promotion and investigation of environmentally sustainable growing techniques for application in the production of its principal agricultural raw materials. Furthermore, it aims to contribute towards greater preservation of the environment, biodiversity, and mitigation of climate change by applying growing techniques to reduce crop emissions.