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Asset ClassesImpact bonds
Impact strategyImpact Equities and Bonds
ISIN codeFR0013234333
Aligned with SDGs

Triodos invests in sovereign bonds from EU member states and the UK. We only select only those countries that have no involvement in international sanctions, and that have signed and ratified international conventions on controversial weapons, human rights, labour rights, and the environment. This includes the International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions (e.g. on child labour, and forced labour), the international convention on civil and political rights, the biological and chemical weapon conventions, the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons treaty, the Paris Climate Agreement, and the convention on biological diversity, amongst others.

Investment rationale

The Green OAT issuance is backed by the state budget and the 'Invest for the Future' programme to combat climate change, adapt to climate change, safeguard biodiversity and fight pollution.

The biggest portion of proceeds relates will be spend on the energy transition tax credit for households (33%), which is used to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. 23% of proceeds were allocated to government environmental research agencies. The research financed focuses mostly on adaptation and biodiversity. A larger portion is also dedicated to sustainable transport development.

In addition, the green bond finances the development of sustainable farming, agribusiness and forest management, territories and habit improvement, ecology, and research & higher education.

Given the high proportion of proceeds dedicated to improving the energy efficiency of buildings and transport, the bond contributes to our Sustainable Mobility and Infrastructure theme.