Gerbranda State

Invested through
  • Triodos Groenfonds
  • Triodos Multi Impact Fund
Asset ClassesPrivate debt
Impact strategySustainable Food and Agriculture
Hectares of organic farmland55
Aligned with SDGs

Just below the Frisian Wadden coast in the Netherlands is the biologically dynamic agricultural company Gerbranda State. Asse and Veronica Aukes have been farming there since 1990. In 2002, Sander and Marjolein Koster joined the company. There is an average of two permanent employees and many casual workers throughout the year to get all the work done. The company covers 35 hectares and consciously opts for expanding agriculture. Over the years, it developed three legs: arable farming / open field vegetables, goat farming the care farm. In order to be able to offer daytime activities professionally, a beautiful wooden ‘care building’ was built in 2007. At the beginning of 2008, the Care Farm received the national quality mark for Care Farms.