Duesseldorf, Germany
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Asset ClassesListed equity & Corporate bonds
Impact strategyImpact Equities and Bonds
ISIN codeXS2057835717
Industry groupHousehold & Personal Products
Aligned with SDGs
  • Good health and well-being

German company Henkel manufactures industrial, commercial, and consumer chemical products. The company operates in three main business units: Adhesive Technologies (45% of sales), Laundry and Home Care (35% of sales) and Beauty Care (19% of sales). Founded in 1876 by Fritz Henkel, the company today operates in over 120 countries and employs about 53,000 worldwide. Western Europe (30% of sales) is the largest regional market, followed by North America (27% of sales). Emerging markets account for 40% of Henkel's revenues.

Investment rationale

Henkel fits the Prosperous & Healthy People theme because of its efforts to create a more hygienic world. With its Beauty Care business, the company focuses on personal hygiene. Through this segment, it is active in hair cosmetics, body care, skincare and oral care, with Schwarzkopf and Dial as the top brands. The Laundry & Home Care segment is especially vital for a hygienic environment, as it includes detergents, dish-washing products, toilet cleaners and air fresheners. Their top brands here are Persil, All, and Bref.

Henkel is also involved in Innovation for Sustainability especially through its Adhesive Technologies segment which has a strong focus on innovations and technologies. Through its Adhesive Technologies segment, the company develops solutions that help increase energy efficiency, improve workplace safety, and reduce waste and emissions. For example, the electron-conductive adhesives enable manufacturers of photovoltaic modules to increase the efficiency of solar panels.
Henkel’s industrial coating products protect machinery like pumps against wear and tear and help extend their lifetime. Their adhesives also open the opportunity to use wooden panels instead of concrete, which uses more energy and emits more CO2. The company has also developed a technology that allows replacing polyethylene with paper for use in food and non-food packaging.