Maatschap Spijkerman-Duiven

Wapserveen, Netherlands
Invested through
  • Triodos Groenfonds
  • Triodos Multi Impact Fund
Asset ClassesPrivate debt
Impact strategySustainable Food and Agriculture
Hectares of organic farmland70
Aligned with SDGs

Together with his parents Ton Spijkerman and Ria Duiven, Auke Spijkerman keeps 90 dairy cows and 40 young stock on 70 hectares of grassland, 12 hectares of which are leased from Staatsbosbeheer. Auke, Ton and Ria live and work in Wapserveen in the Dutch province of Drenthe and have been farming organically for more than 25 years. Since 1999, the milk has been delivered organically to CZ Rouveen, which makes Bastiaansen cheese, among others. The goal is to get as much milk as possible from fresh grass. The cows and young stock are grazed outside day and night for as long as possible. Auke has won the title "best grassland farmer 2019" by the trade magazine Veeteelt.