Invested through
  • Triodos Impact Mixed Fund - Neutral
  • Triodos Euro Bond Impact Fund
  • Triodos Multi Impact Fund
  • Triodos Impact Strategy Fund - Defensive
  • Triodos Impact Strategy Fund - Balanced
  • Triodos Impact Strategy Fund - Offensive
Asset ClassesCorporate bonds
Impact strategyImpact Equities and Bonds
ISIN codeBE6265262327
Industry groupIntegrated Telecommunication Services
Aligned with SDGs
  • No poverty
  • Quality Education
  • Gender Equality

Proximus provides telecommunications and digital services and solutions in Belgium and abroad, including ICT infrastructure, multi-cloud, digital finance solutions, cybersecurity, business applications, and training services. Proximus offers its products and services under the Proximus, Telindus, Scarlet and Tango brands. Founded in 1930, Proximus is majority-owned by the Belgian government and has more than 11,400 employees.

Investment rationale

The core products and services of Proximus enable connectivity through mobile phone, internet connections and fixed phone lines. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how essential good mobile phone and internet connections are, whether it be for working from home, home schooling, teleconferencing, e-commerce and staying in touch with each other. To promote social inclusion, Proximus’ mission is to ensure a safe, inclusive and accessible digital life for all Belgian citizens. It provides education to help people gain the digital skills they need to thrive in the digital world, especially for young people, senior citizens, people with a disability and people living on a budget.

The company also commits to reducing its environmental footprint, targeting to make a net positive contribution to the climate and be a truly circular company by 2030. To reach this, it aims to reduce emissions by 30% between 2015 and 2025 and by 100% between 2014 and 2040. Furthermore, Proximus’ products and services help avoid emissions as, for example, teleconferencing limits travel and Internet of Things solutions enable better energy management. The company also adheres to the principles of circularity, aiming, for example, to refurbish 500,000 modems and decoders and 150,000 mobile phones per year.