SIG Combibloc

Neuhausen Am Rheinfall,
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ISIN codeCH0435377954
Industry groupMaterials
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SIG Combibloc (SIG) is a leading global system supplier of aseptic carton packaging with an estimated 21% global market share in liquid dairy (LD), non-carbonated soft drinks (NCSD) and liquid food packaging applications. SIG's packaging technology allows for a shelf life of up to 12 months, without the use of refrigeration or the inclusion of chemical preservatives. Customers include Danone, Arla, Friesland-Campina, and Unilever. The market for aseptic carton packaging is dominated by two players with SIG being the clear number two behind Tetra Pak (65% market share), but more than five times larger than the next largest competitor, making it the only true alternative for customers.
SIG sells both the systems (so-called fillers) and the packaging material (sleeves and closures) for liquid dairy (69% of end market), non-carbonated soft drinks (22% of end market) and liquid foods (9% of end market). Revenue is mainly driven by consumption of every day products like milk, juice, water and so on.

SIG Combibloc traces its roots back to 1853, but has been an independent company since it was acquired by Onex Group in 2015. The company is based in Neuhausen Am Rheinfall in Switzerland. It employs over 5000 people.

Investment rationale

Providing access to food and beverages poses a challenge in that packaging material is always needed and this packaging material is typically disposed of as trash. Moreover, keeping food and beverages fresh either requires a fridge or chemical preservatives. SIG Combibloc offers a solution for both challenges. Its packaging material is recyclable and nearly fully based on renewable resources. SIG's goal is to develop a package that is made 100% renewable materials.

SIG combibloc's packaging is also increasingly becoming an alternative for PET. PET bottles and caps are the 3rd and 4th most collected items of plastic trash on beaches and have a significant negative impact on ecosystems. Finally, SIG's packaging solution can also be considered a contributor to sustainable food & agriculture. This is because it can keep food and beverages fresh without the use preservatives. It can also be argued that by making food and beverages available in packages that don't need to refrigeration, it enables more people to have access to food and beverages. Given the company's presence in developing markets, it indirectly contributes to bringing healthy nutrition to these regions, which is also beneficial for children.