SNCF Réseau

La Plaine Saint-Denis,
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ISIN codeXS0096412548
Industry groupHighways & Railtracks
Aligned with SDGs

SNCF Réseau is the main operator of the French national rail network. The company is responsible for the maintenance of the rail network, the construction of new rail lines and manages the circulation of all trains using the national rail network. As of June 7, 2019, it operated a network of 30,000 km of track, including 2,600 km of high speed rail. The company also carries out project works; provides on-board track inspection and analysis services; and collects, processes, and optimizes data using automated mobile devices. In addition, it is involved in the traffic and maintenance operations for the rail link between Figueras in Spain and Perpignan in France. The company serves railway operators, combined transport operators, ports, etc. The company was formerly known as Réseau Ferré de France and changed its name to SNCF Réseau in January 2015. SNCF Réseau was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Paris, France. SNCF Réseau operates as a subsidiary of Societe Nationale SNCF SA. In 2015 , SNCF Réseau employed around 52,000 people, a third of SNCF's workforce.

Investment rationale

Rail transport plays a key role in the ecological transition to face the challenge of climate change. SNCF Réseau's energy and carbon performance approach is part of a global framework for reducing GHG emissions at global, European and national levels. SNCF Réseau has committed to reducing its energy consumption and GHG emissions by 20% between 2015 and 2025.

The company contributes to both the economic and societal development of its served regions as it provides higher mobility of people and goods and participates in the development of commercial exchanges through freight and the establishment of economic, cultural and tourist activities.

SNCF Réseau collaborates with the Ministry of National Education to deploy local employees to visit schools and introduce issues of prevention, safety, citizenship and environment. This is to raise awareness of railway risks in order to reduce dangerous behaviour and limit malicious acts.

By collaborating with local associations, SNCF Réseau has social and professional integration projects, which aim at people excluded from employment as they will be invited to participate in various works such as demolition, renovation, cleaning, painting, etc.

SNCF Réseau encourages the use of local small and midcap companies (SMEs). More than 25% of SNCF Réseau's purchases were made from local SMEs. An SME window has been set up on the website to allow SMEs to make themselves known and to get in touch directly with SNCF Réseau contacts.