Solu Hydropower

Dudhakunda, Nepal
Invested through
  • Triodos Groenfonds
  • Triodos Multi Impact Fund
Asset ClassesPrivate debt
Impact strategyEnergy and Climate
Aligned with SDGs

This hydroelectric power plant at the Solu River in north-east Nepal will be instrumental in increasing the country’s generation capacity of clean power. It will also improve the reliability of the energy system. Triodos Groenfonds is one of the investors in this run-of-river plant.
The project is generating more than 1,100 jobs, half of which are for local people, which in turn supports the local economy. In addition, local primary schools benefit from financial support, safe drinking water facilities and a health clinic providing medical facilities for the community. Once the plant is operational, a livelihood restoration plan will be implemented to focus on the needs of vulnerable people, especially women, and those economically isolated. So, the project will have a positive impact on the socio-economic development of the region.