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Asset ClassesImpact bonds
Impact strategyImpact Equities and Bonds
ISIN codeXS2079678400
Industry groupUtilities
Aligned with SDGs

Stedin Holding (Stedin) operates as a financial holding company with activities in the energy sector. The company is engaged in the development, operation, and maintenance of natural gas and electricity distribution networks in the Netherlands. Its main areas are in the Randstad, including Den Haag, Utrecht, Rotterdam and the Rijnmond harbour and Botlek area. The company also maintains the network infrastructure in Kennemerland, Amstelland and Noordoost Friesland. The company currently invests 2/3 of its Capex into the electricity grid.
The company was founded in 2000, has 4,280 employees and is headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Investment rationale

Electricity and power supply are essential services for a functioning society. However, the use of energy for commercial and household activities contributes to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Energy in form of electricity, heat and transport account for 73% of global GHG emissions. To facilitate the integration of more renewable energy into the electricity grid, the network needs to be adjusted to deal with new challenges, such as increased volatility.

Stedin as part of its power distribution business, implements programs to facilitate the integration of renewable energies into the grid. The company has several projects to test the transmission of hydrogen through its gas network in Uithoorn, Rotterdam Rozenburg and in The Green Village in Delft. In addition, Stedin has equipped more than 80% of its customers with smart meters. With these activities the company contributes to enable increased use of renewable energy and reduced energy use.