Windpark Derde Dijk

Invested through
  • Triodos Groenfonds
Asset ClassesPrivate debt
Impact strategyEnergy and Climate
Tonnes of CO₂ emissions avoided2,296
Capacity (in MW)2.3
Number of households provided with clean electricity2,390
Amount of clean electricity produced (in MWh)7,292
Aligned with SDGs

* Additional information

Windpark Derde Dijk is an extension of Windpark Noordpolder in the Netherlands and was developed by Zeeuwind, on behalf of Windpark Derde Dijk. Zeeuwind is 90% shareholder of this company. The turbine is located on the property of farmer C. Groenewege, who is also a shareholder. The park consists of 1 Enercon E-82 turbine of the so-called direct drive type. The rotor diameter of this turbine is 82 meters, the shaft height 78 meters and the connected capacity is 2 MW.