We must intensify our efforts to combat climate change, loss of biodiversity, and rising inequality, and build an economy that is fit for the future: one that is more resilient, more sustainable, and more inclusive.

Listen to Hans Stegeman and Tim Jackson discuss the Need for radical change.

Investors play a crucial role in the transition to this new economy, providing the capital needed to realise real and profound change. The investment choices they make can have a positive impact on our planet and on society, and at the same time safeguard their chances of solid long-term investment returns.

In the coming months, in a series of articles and podcasts, Chief Investment Strategist Hans Stegeman explores the contours of a future-proof economy, and the ways to get there.  

Part 1 – The need for radical change

In this first episode, Hans Stegeman and ecological economist Tim Jackson, author of 'Prosperity without Growth' and, more recently 'Post Growth', discuss the need for a new economic system:

  • What could a sustainable economy look like, how to transition to such an economy
  • How to mobilise the necessary capital for this transition
  • The role of the financial sector in the transition

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