Investors play a crucial role in the transition to a new economy, providing the capital needed to realise real and profound change. The investment choices they make can have a positive impact on our planet and on society, and at the same time safeguard their chances of solid long-term investment returns.

Listen to Hans Stegeman and Sandrine Dixson discuss the moving target of impact investing.

Part 3 – The moving target of impact investing

In this third episode, Hans Stegeman and Co-President of the Club of Rome Sandrine Dixson, co-author of Quel monde pour demain, discuss the tools we have to bring about a system change and the role of the financial sector therein:

  • What are the main trends in public and private investment, and what are the main gaps in the investment landscape
  • Are we doing enough; European Green Deal, Biden investment plan in the US
  • How does regulation contribute to building a sustainable economy
  • How can we transition from doing ‘less bad’ to regenerative/positive investments
As the market no longer reflects the needs of people, nor of the planet, we need to align around a more ambitious taxonomy by saying what isn’t green or sustainable
Sandrine Dixson


Sandrine Dixson-Declѐve has 30+ years of European and international policy, business leadership and strategy experience with a particular focus on EU and international climate change, sustainable development, green growth, conventional and sustainable energy solutions, and sustainable finance. She is currently the Co-President of the Club of Rome and holds several advisory positions for the European Commission.




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