The Triodos IM Impact Equities and Bond funds have been awarded the rigorous Label ISR, which is supported by the French government. On top of Triodos IM’s mission for positive impact, the label rewards each of the six funds available on the French market for their thorough integration of ESG criteria in their investment process.

Eric Simonnet, Investor Relations Manager for France: “We are very pleased with this third-party certification of our funds. The label supports our activities in the French market, where we offer impact solutions to French investors, giving them a possibility to use their capital as a driver for positive change.”

The sustainable investment landscape includes many different shades of green, which is why strong labelling and certification frameworks are essential. With the goal of allowing investors to distinguish between investment funds implementing a robust socially responsible investment (SRI) methodology, leading to measurable and concrete results, the Label ISR plays a vital role for investors looking for sustainable investments.

To obtain the Label ISR, funds must meet around 20 strict requirements, assembled into six pillars:

  • Defining the fund’s objectives through ESG criteria;
  • Incorporation of ESG criteria both in the selection process and the measurement of investee’s performance throughout the investment life cycle;
  • Embedding ESG criteria in the investment decision and management process;
  • Active engagement on ESG topics;
  • Transparency and clear informing of the fund’s investors about the implementation of the fund’s strategy;
  • Measuring and tracking of investee and fund performance with ESG criteria.

    For more information please visit our Impact Equities and Bonds strategy page.