Triodos Vastgoedfonds N.V. has rented out its last vacant office floor in the building located at the Utrechtseweg 12 in Amersfoort(approx 592 m2 and 8 parking spaces) to New Public! for a period of 6 years at competitive conditions. New Public! will start renting the office space as of 15 December. The rental agreement is based on a green lease agreement with fixed service fees.

The monumental office building has been sustainably renovated in 2009, while maintaining the original characteristics of ‘Het Nieuwe Bouwen’ (Modern Architecture), the architecture style (1915 – 1960) which is recognisable for its symmetry and transparency. The building has an A-energy label.   

MVGM Bedrijfshuisvesting was responsible for realising the transaction.

Prolongation of existing rental agreement
Furthermore, Triodos Vastgoedfonds has come to an agreement with one of its existing tenants, CoolGames BV, to prolong the existing rental agreement for three years at competitive conditions. CoolGames rents the entire third floor (477 m2) and part of the basement (129 m2) of the office building at the Herengracht 433 in Amsterdam.

The newly agreed rental fee represents a substantial increase compared to the current rental fee. The increase of the rental fee is in line with market developments of rental prices in Amsterdam city-centre. The prolongation will come into effect as per 1 May 2019.