Triodos Investment Management and BeFrank have joined forces to make the BeFrank Sustainable Lifecycle an even more attractive pension solution. Through a new so-called investment mandate, the Sustainable Lifecycle will be improved on several fronts, which will be reflected in lower costs, among other things.

BeFrank uses the lifecycle method to invest pension contribution for participants who accrue pension with BeFrank. Employers and participants can choose from three lifecycles: a Passive Lifecycle, an Active Lifecycle and a Sustainable Lifecycle. The pension contribution of participants in the BeFrank Sustainable Lifecycle is invested in listed companies that contribute to a fair, green and social society.

Strict sustainability criteria
As per the end of August, the equity investments in the Sustainable Lifecycle are replaced by investments in a newly established fund. The portfolio of this fund will be managed by Triodos Investment Management, based on a so-called investment mandate and for which the same strict sustainability criteria will be applied as for all Triodos Impact Equities & Bond funds. 

Lower management costs
Through this mandate the investments will be spread over more companies, while at the same time reducing management costs substantially. This ultimately will result in a higher expected pension capital and therefore benefit all current and future participants. Of course, the expected pension capital will also still depend on investment performance.

Dick van Ommeren, Chair of the Management Board of Triodos Investment Management: “BeFrank and Triodos Investment Management have a long and successful partnership. We are excited to continue our journey together and to further expand our cooperation through this newly established pension solution.”

Sebastiaan van den Dries, CEO at BeFrank: “The partnership with Triodos since many years has enabled BeFrank to be a frontrunner in offering sustainable pension solutions. We are very happy that together we have been able to improve this proposition on behalf of our clients."