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Energy and Climate

Transforming our present energy system will lead to a higher quality of life, contribute to a low-carbon economy and avoid irreparable damage to our planet.

Today's global challenges

Climate change in many ways is the overarching challenge the world faces today. It is closely connected with poverty, health and security. Access to energy is an important precondition for social and economic development. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were created to make these issues more tangible and concrete. By focusing on the transition to renewable energy and on increasing energy access and efficiency we actively contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change, and to fulfilling many of the SDGs.

Our mission

We provide investors with opportunities to invest directly in the energy transition and system transformation through funds that finance renewable energy, stimulate more efficient use, and improve access.  All of which aim to ensure an affordable and reliable supply of clean energy.  

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Impact goals

1. Increase renewable energy generation and improve access

Increase renewable energy generation and improve access to renewable energy, especially in developing countries and emerging economies, both of which are needed to replace fossil fuel-based capacity.

2. Limit energy demand

The goal is to limit energy demand where possible. Furthermore, it is about making the energy supply more efficient and decreasing the CO2 footprint.

3. Improve reliability

Improve the reliability of the renewable energy system by investing in solutions that make the system more stable and robust, so that it can increasingly become a reliable alternative for the fossil fuel-based system.

4. Energy democracy

Improve the awareness and involvement of the general public in order to make a big, systemic shift in the energy transition.

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Investment approach

Our investment funds offer debt, mezzanine and equity for new and existing renewable energy ventures of all kinds, including wind, solar, river hydro, and heat and cold thermal storage, and also energy efficiency and storage projects.

We focus on small and medium-sized projects and can also finance large projects. The investment phase ranges from late-stage development to operational.

Through cooperation with similar mission-oriented entrepreneurs and developers, we directly invest in projects that work for positive environmental change. These relationships are intentionally long-lasting and allow the entrepreneurs to focus on developing projects. Over time, this leads to more projects that contribute to the wider goal of the energy transition.

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