Triodos Investment Management has appointed Daphne Postma as Fund Manager of Triodos Energy Transition Europe Fund as per 1 June 2023. The fund provides both project finance and equity to projects and companies that generate renewable energy, improve energy efficiency and/or offer energy flexibility.

Daphne joined Triodos Investment Management in 2020 as Investment Manager for Triodos Energy Transition Europe Fund. She started her career as a lawyer, among others at Eneco, where she started in 2014 as in-house legal counsel, initially at the department for production of sustainable energy and later as general counsel for the innovation department. After this transferred to the position of Investment Manager at bij Eneco Ventures, where she invested in scale-ups in the energy transtition.

Daphne Postma on her appointment: “Triodos Energy Transition Europe Fund plays an important role in Europe's energy transition. Through our investments, we not only contribute to the generation of renewable energy, but also to realising solutions for making generated energy more efficiently available, for example by investing in energy storage innovations, and the development of new business models.  I look forward to working with the entire team on further growing the fund and to ensure that it continues to play a transformative role in our energy system.”

Daphne has a law degree which she obtained at the University of Utrecht and a Master European International Relations which from the College of Europa in Bruges.