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Asset ClassesImpact bonds
Impact strategyImpact Equities and Bonds
Bloomberg ticker6594 JP
ISIN codeJP3734800000
Industry groupCapital Goods
Aligned with SDGs

Nidec Corporation operates as a world's leading manufacturer of small precision motors mainly used in HDD and optical disk drives. The company has extended its focus to the home appliance and automotive markets. NIDEC is active in M&A and its subsidiaries include the world's leading manufacturers of LCD panel handling robots and camera shutters.

Investment rationale

Nidec manufactures small precision motors and developed traction motors for electric vehicles. This is an essential part of electric vehicles as it converts the energy from the battery into driving power. Nidec aims to further develop these traction motors and eventually reach a 40% market share of all traction motors for electric vehicles by 2030, and thereby has a strong facilitating role in the transition towards electric driving. The green bond finances R&D expenses and capital expenditures to produce traction motors for electric vehicles.