TPI Composites

Scottsdale, Arizona, United
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Asset ClassesListed equity
Impact strategyImpact Equities and Bonds
Bloomberg tickerTPIC US
ISIN codeUS87266J1043
Industry groupCapital Goods

TPI Composites is a US company manufacturing composite turbine blades for the wind energy market. It has a global manufacturing footprint that enables wind turbine original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to source price competitive high-quality blades, in or close to their key growth markets, TPI has become a key supplier to the many leading wind turbine OEM’s. The company’s manufacturing sites are located in the US (4 sites), Mexico (4), Europe (2), Asia (3) and India (1).

Blades are 95% of revenues, while non-blades (i.e. transportation) are 5%. Within Transportation, TPI offers advanced composite technology for high strength, lightweight and durable composite products to the transportation market, specifically electric vehicles. This business is still small but may grow rapidly with the market of EVs and electrification of public transport.

Investment rationale

As a wind turbine blade manufacturer, TPI composites has direct contribution to the increase of renewable power production capacity. With over 95% of revenues from wind turbine blades manufacturing the company contributes directly to the energy transition. Moreover, TPI produces composite materials for electric vehicles and auto buses. It intends to grow this segment substantially in the years ahead.