The 2019 results and activities are presented in a context of numbers, stories and films, and showcase Triodos Investment Management’s mission to make money work for positive social and environmental change. 

Our impact reports show, in an engaging and transparent way, the driving force of impact investing in addressing global challenges.
Jacco Minnaar, Chair of the Management Board

Impact reports per investment theme

Our impact reports give more details of our investments in each investment theme, through public and private markets, and for each of our funds.

Impact Equities and Bonds impact report ‘Moving the needle’

This report highlights how each investment in Triodos IM’s Impact Equities and Bond strategy is hand-picked for its contribution to positive planetary and social progress and demonstrates the movement toward our intended impact outcomes.

Financial Inclusion impact report ‘Creating an inclusive world’

This report highlights Triodos IM’s role as an investor in the financial sector in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. By zooming in on investees in India, Armenia, Tajikistan and South Africa, the report gives a flavour of what financial inclusion can do and how the financial institutions highlighted contribute to a more inclusive world.

Energy & Climate impact report ‘Accelerating the energy transition’

Triodos IM strives for an energy transition that goes hand in hand with a sustainable and inclusive society. This report explains how Triodos IM contributes to the energy transition and system transformation in both developed and developing economies.

Sustainable Food and Agriculture impact report ‘Accelerating the food transition’

This impact report highlights how we aim to accelerate the much-needed transition towards ecologically and socially resilient food and agriculture systems, thereby focusing on three pillars: balanced ecosystems, a healthy society and inclusive prosperity.