Today, Naturfrisk is internationally known for its range of organic drinks and its mission is to make the purest tasty high-quality organic drinks. In 2017, the Nyborg distillery opened and produces organic whisky, rum and gin. 

Organic and local
The concept behind Naturfrisk is that all products must be natural, pure and of the highest quality. This means that there are no added preservatives, artificial colours and flavours.  

Naturfrisk applies the philosophy: ‘Always organic. Local is available’ to buying raw materials and food. The company locally sources part of the fruit for the juice production from organic farms on Funen, Denmark’s third largest island, where Naturfrisk is situated. They used to buy malt for its beer production from a German supplier but switched to a Danish supplier in 2018, thereby increasing their local sourcing and reducing CO2 emission caused by transportation. 

In 2018, Naturfrisk introduced four new soft drinks; pineapple, pear, rose, and apricot. The brewery introduced several low-alcohol beers, meeting an increasing market demand.

Organic   ►   100%

All ingredients that Naturfrisk uses are 100% certified organic.

Local   ►   98.5%

The ingredients for its beers are 98.5% locally sourced.

Resource efficiency and waste minimisation
All the energy power that Naturfrisk needs comes from Danish wind power farms. In addition, the Ørbæk Brewery has a heat exchanger, which means that the hot water is collected in a tank and is used again, while the Nyborg distillery has solar panels and runs its boilers on biogas. 

Spent grains are used for cow feed. In 2018 Natufrisk took the following steps to decrease its ecological footprint: lower evaporation rate in the boiler (from 13% to 4%), lower gas usage, implementation of electronic documentation processes, and the purchase of an energy efficient keg filler.

Naturfrisk uses no plastic packaging, only natural, non-coloured, cardboard which is easily reused. The bottles used for the beers and juices are made from 78% recycled glass.

Renewable energy   ►   100%

All the energy power that Naturfrisk needs comes from Danish wind power farms.

Number of employees   ►   23

Naturfrisk offers fair pay and development opportunities for its 23 employees.

In 2019, Naturfrisk is looking into buying new equipment with a lower energy usage and will have an in-depth analysis into how to further optimise its production processes.


Naturfrisk is one of the investments of Triodos Organic Growth Fund. Discover in the 2018 Impact Report how the fund aims to accelerate the transition to a sustainable food and agriculture system. The report also highlights the other investments in portfolio.