Investment strategists Maritza Cabezas, Joeri de Wilde and Hans Stegeman discuss current economic topics and political developments and how they relate to sustainability. Listen to episode 7 'Recessionomics and wellbeing'.

Episode 7 – Recessionomics and wellbeing

In this new episode, Maritza, Joeri, and Hans discuss the following topics:

  • What's happening to the macro-economic environment? (inflation, interest rates, recession risks).
  • Hans’ frustration of the month: Trickle-down policies in the UK.
  • Recession: what is it and what does it mean for the average person? Are recessions in advanced economies different from recessions in emerging markets?
  • Data of the month: Italian spread – will they be higher or lower next month than they are now, following the election victory of Giorgia Meloni and her coalition partners?

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